Mellow Motorcycles is an creative Motorcycle & Apparel company based in Germany.

We are specialized in the fabrication and design of vintage / modern custom motorcycles,

prototype projects and small series.


 Our Mellow team of craftsmen and engineers has more than 20 years of experience with the

development and manufacture of unique custom motorcycles, racing machines,

handcrafted metal and leather parts,

engine rebuilds and everything on two wheels in general.


Founder and CEO of Mellow Motorcycles, Flo Hubert, 

is fueled by a deep and long lasting passion for classic motorcycles and cars.

Flo initially had the idea of a unique Custom Motorcycle Company

back in Southern Germany, the heart of German engineering art, where everything started. 


Opened since early 2016, Mellow Motorcycles have already made a name for itself by creating unique,

award & race winning custom bikes that collectors, celebrities, enthusiasts and

motorcycle companies have became the proud owners. 


Stay Mellow