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Mellow *Signature Series* Fender Kit for Triumph Bobber Black


Mellow Signature Series - Handcrafted Metal Front and Rear Fender for Triumph Bobber Black - Made in Germany


Mellow Pure Metal Front Fender:   399,00 €

Mellow Pure Metal Rear Fender:     899,00 €


Handcrafted Metal Fenders comes in original Raw & Pure Finish - Easy Bolt On Solution


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Mellow *Black Out* Front Covers with Turn Signals


+ It covers the slight, shiny downpipes of the original fork and gives it an impressive optics.
+ The covers are mounted by O-rings which sucks the covers at the stand pipe. Thus, no damages by clamping bolts possible.
+ The covers have a discharge hole for rain or other splash water.
+ CNC-milled, surface bead blasted and semigloss anodized in black.
+ With LED-mini-indicator 'littleOne' long version (E-approval) including all neccessary resistors and solder connections.



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Turn Signals & Brake Light Set for Triumph Bobber Black

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